BusinessObjects: What's New in v4.1 & v4.2

BusinessObjects Webinar: What's New in v4.1 & v4.2

There are many new features within Business Objects v4.1 & v4.2!  Did you know that you can now utilize the HTML version and no longer need to rely on the Applets (Java) version? In addition, it is 100% compatible! Now you can use other browsers to access Webi! Just don’t forget to change your preferences.

There are a number of really nice additional features that come with the HTML version that you will not see documented.

We have also developed a series of best practice guides for v4.2.

Below is a summary of some of the new features in both v4.2 and v4.1:

 v4.2 Features Include:
-Large numbers
-Grouped Input Controls
-Concurrent processing of queries
-Shared elements
-Reference Cells
-Merging on local variables
-Recycle Bin

v4.1 Features Include:
-Values button (Inlist)
-Prompt Button
-Null Value options
-Free Hand SQL
-Input Controls for whole document
-Improvements to relative date function
-Prompt variants
-Using Excel files in Webi 
Check out this previously recorded presentation for a deeper look.