Buying Nexus S through Best Buy- sucks!

Excuse my venting, but I just had to share my utter disappointment with Google's decision to sell its Nexus S phone through Best Buy.

I get it, Nexus One was a failed experiment in selling directly to the public, but I don't get why Google had to over-complicate it by involving Best Buy when T-Mobile is more than capable of getting the job done. They were certainly willing to do the same with Nexus One, had Google just listened.

Why am I frustrated with Best Buy? Well, I attempted to buy this phone ten different times, and every time I came out empty-handed. First, I tried to buy it at a local store. Not in stock. I get it, it's popular. Then I called other stores to inquire into its availability, but after exceptionally long times, they would simply drop my calls. I get it, it's the holidays, but that's still unacceptable. Then I tried to buy it online, but I consistently got expired sessions, server errors, or credit-check issues (even though the account/payment info was valid). Finally, I found it at another store, and after waiting 45 minutes just to talk to a sales rep, they told me that they could not handle upgrades because they were not setup to work with T-Mobile. I was told to go to yet another store.

At this point I am seriously considering just waiting for the Gingerbread to become available on my Nexus One and skip Nexus S altogether.

Update: I gave in and bought a Nexus S at full price. I am happy with my phone, but unhappy with my purchase. Not because I cannot afford the extra $329+tax, but because it makes no sense to me why purchasing this phone had to be so difficult. Why? How about because only two Best Buys in the entire SF/Bay Area have T-Mobile representatives at the stores, which apparently are the only ones authorized to handle upgrades. But... (and this was the last nail in the coffin) none of these T-Mobile representatives can touch corporate accounts, which I only found out after a long drive to one of those stores. Hence, I had to pony up the full $529. Sucks.
Published December 23, 2010