Changing Android Boot Animation

How to Change Boot Animation/Splash Screen in Android OS

The boot animation information is stored in a single file /system/media/ Note that this file must be uncompressed zip archive.

To find out what the contents of this file are on your device, you could pull it via adb utility and inspect it on your computer:

adb pull /system/media/ .

The zip archive will contain:

  • The desc.txt file

  • At least one folder with many images

The desc.txt file describes the boot animation. Here’s an example of that file:

480 480 24
p 1 0 android
p 0 0 part1

And here is the meaning of corresponding values:

Width Height FPS
p Loop Pause Folder1
p Loop Pause Folder2

The first and second value, width and height, correspond to the size of the animation, in pixels. It should match the size of the screen on your device for best results.

The third value is the frame rate, in frames per second. In other words, how many images to play per second.

The subsequent lines specify parts of animation to play. You can have as many of these lines as you’d like.

The line always starts with p, followed up number number of times to loop this part before moving on to the next one. Specifying zero for this value would make it loop forever.

The number after loop is the pause, in frames. In other words, if you’d like to pause for half a second, you’d put a pause equivalent to half of the frame rate, for example 15.

So, the line p 1 0 android says to play all images from android folder one time, and then move on to next animation.


Published February 29, 2012