COVID-19 - A time for innovation

As we deal with this pandemic, the world will emerge changed; how do we cope?  What opportunities lie before us?  How can we take advantage of potential opportunities and emerge from the pandemic ready to face a new reality? 

This presentation will help the viewer focus on the  critical elements required to maximize your potential during a time of exponential change.

1. Taking stock of your current situation and shoring up your business to ensure you survive the downturn.  Taking advantage of government loans and grants, and doing everything in your power to educate yourselves to be  prepared for additional government funding, should it come to pass.  This Webinar is not intended to help you get this education, merely to point out that analyzing and eliminating any non-essential expense make the difference between survival and bankruptcy.

2. Vision -imagine the future. We will explore some techniques and methods you can use to bring your team together to envision what your business environment might look like a year or two in the future.  What is likely to change about your markets, customers, and your operating environment?  What isn't?  How resilient will your core business be in light of these changes?  What should you be investing in now?

3. Walk back from your envisioned future to today - what are the steps that got you to this imagined future?  What will you start doing now?  How can you innovate today to stay relevent, no, not just stay relevant, but thrive when this crisis is contained? 

4. Open Book Management - now more than ever, creating a clear and compelling vision is critically important.  It's also important that once your vision has crystallized and you have created a roadmap to achieve it, that you practice "Open Book Management" empowering everyone in your company with the ability to affect top-line performance.  Your people may be inspired by the clarity of your vision, but unless they can see the effects of their contributions to top-line results, their efforts will be in vain.

Kumar Dattatreyan explores the need and opportunity to inspire innovation during these tough times. He is a John Maxwell certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer, and thought leader. Kumar can help us all see past the obstacles and hurdles brought on by COVID-19, and ultimately help lead your organization to  flourish once again.