Designing for the Apple Watch

You may be familiar with responsive web design for desktop, tablets, and phones - but what about Apple Watch? Which design principles can we carry over, and which principles do we need to rethink?

I recently gave a talk at Responsive Web Design SF, where I shared a bit of insight from my journey designing and launching an Apple Watch app. In the presentation, I'll also point out a few potential pitfalls you should be aware of when designing apps on the Apple Watch.



About Kristian & Jonajo Consulting

I am the President and Founder of Jonajo Consulting - where we strive to push the envelope in technology and design, and love to explore new technologies such as the Apple Watch. This project is an example of the things we do at Jonajo Consulting to keep ourselves sharp and up-to-date with new technologies. Learn more at

Published August 18, 2015