Embedded Java 8 for Tablets, Pi's, and Legos

This presentation contains examples of Java 8 technology running on embedded platforms, such as Raspberry Pi and Lego Mindstorms EV3 (among other devices), and demos the power of Java-based applications to support the internet-of-things. Many new features have come with the latest release of Java, and some would say it is “the most impactful update to the Java ecosystem since Java 5, introducing an entirely new programming model with lambda expressions, and a whole new platform of applications with support for ARM embedded devices” (SF Java Meetup Page).

And, as new low cost devices begin to enter the marketplace, access to the world of embedded computing is becoming more accessible than ever. It's an exciting era, and with the continued advances in Java, devs can easily begin creating innovation applications that leverage these low cost devices.

Stephen Chin is a Java Ambassador at Oracle (cool job, right?), but that’s just one of the many ways he contributes to the Java community. He is also a hacker, author, evangelist and speaker who travels the world spreading all things Java. His visit to SF Java this summer amounted in a dense tutorial on the power of Java and a reminder of just how fun it can be to code.


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Published October 24, 2014