Moving a Traditional Rails/ jQuery App to Ember.JS

Miguel Madero has been developing software for almost 20 years. Now, at Sourcery, he is applying those skills towards changing the food industry, by using technology to connect chefs with the farms where they get their food. As the project has rapidly grown, they began to feel the impact of the maintainability of their code.

This is talk is about how they adapted the infrastructure of their code for a growing application. It is about their transition from a large jQuery code base to a faster, easier to maintain, tested Ember app. Topics include:


  • Selling the idea
  • Approach: full re-write, hybrid and gradual
  • Tips for hybrid applications
  • Testing
  • Features like drag and drop, infinite scroll, modals, scrolling and data synchronization
  • Benefits for the business, our users and the dev team
  • Training ramp and adoption curve

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Published April 8, 2014