Git? GitHub? What is the difference? Recording

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Git? GitHub? What is the difference? Recording

There is an ever increasing interest in Git and GitHub. Are these two names for the same thing? What are they used for? How do they work? Why are they so popular?

Discovering the answers to these questions will serve as the foundation for understanding Git and GitHub and their relevance to your organization and the work you do. In this session, we explore the history of both with a focus on what they were designed to do. We will then navigate through the evolution of each to understand how they are in use today. Using hands-on demonstrations, this session leverages practical scenarios to showcase their main features, walk through meaningful examples, and cover core concepts to ensure a productive learning experience. 

Whether you are simply curious or have a need to get in on the know, learn as our expert examines these in-demand and prevalent technologies. The knowledge gained after watching this video will enable you to participate in discussions about Git and GitHub, whether for making sound business decisions in their application or to begin preparing to use them on the job. 

Target Audience: Anyone looking for an understanding of what all the buzz is about with Git and GitHub

Prerequisites: No formal prerequisites

Duration: One hour

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