Horizon and Five Kung Fu Moves for Front-End Hero

Earlier this week The SF JavaScript Meetup invited Slava Akhmechet, CEO at RethinkDB, to talk about their latest project, Horizon. Ariya Hidayat, who runs the engineering team at Shape Security also stopped by to offer five tips for taking your front-end skills to the next level.


Horizon: An Open Source JS Platform for Building Engaging Apps

Horizon is a realtime open-source backend for JavaScript apps, built by the RethinkDB team and a community of hundreds of developers from around the world. Horizon includes APIs and tools that make it easy to quickly prototype web and mobile apps, and then scale them to millions of users. Slava Akhmechet, the CEO of RethinkDB, will demo Horizon and show how you can build, secure, deploy, and scale engaging apps in a matter of minutes. He'll also describe the architecture of Horizon and show how Horizon can scale from simple demo apps to complex enterprise-grade applications.


Five Kung Fu Moves for Front-End Hero

After you've built an awesome app using React and integrated its Mocha tests with Jenkins, what should you do next? To reach the highest app quality and to move yourself to the next level, there are a few more skills you need to master: leverage Git hooks, manage code complexity, monitor code coverage, run smoke tests with evergreen browsers, and track the downstream projects.
Published April 29, 2016