How to Create User Friendly Web Based Forms

We have all experienced the frustration of completing a complex web based form that unnecessary requires extra thought processing in order to complete it. In these cases, it is often the simple step of considering one’s user experience that is skipped. Designing user friendly web based forms to be as simple as possible should be at the forefront of the creation process. It doesn’t need to complicated to implement this usability step. If you have to provide complex instructions on how to complete a form, it’s likely a strong indicator that you need to recreate that form to be simple and intuitive. After all, we live in a very busy time, and having to take additional time to decipher how to complete a form wins no friends (or customers for that matter)! 

In this highly interactive session you will gain an understanding of how to apply key principles of user interface design to produce easy-to-use web-based forms.  We will cover techniques for creating “conversational” forms using simple language that align with how users read and process information online. You will learn how to organize the form fields to minimize user interaction so they follow a logical flow. We will also discuss how to present error and informational messages and the importance of being consistent while leveraging design patterns in your form design. This webinar is geared towards an audience who has a beginner or intermediate-level knowledge of usability and user experience design but would like to learn these skills to improve the quality of their work.  

Join ProTech and our usability expert, Kay Corry Aubrey, on Tuesday February 18th at 12 noon EST for this free webinar as she imparts her wisdom on how to create the best user friendly web based forms. Kay brings with her over 25 years of helping organizations make their technology products more easily understood and utilized by their targeted audiences. 

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