How to easily create mobile apps with Google Flutter

Is your organization ready for Flutter yet? This presention will demonstrate why so many are excited about Flutter!
Why you should care?
Flutter (from Google) is the fastest growing technology for creating apps. Flutter slashes your development time in less than half if you’re creating an app for both iOS and Android. How? Flutter allows you to write the app one time and it creates two outputs, one that can be deployed to the Apple AppStore for iPhones/iPads and the other goes to the Google Play Store for all Android phones and tablets. And (bonus) it can create a web application that runs in any browser. So, it’s really three apps with one code base.
Developers are reporting that the framework is a dream to work with, having much less jank than React Native, Xamarin, or even native Swift or Kotlin development. 
If you’re not adopting Flutter already, it will only be a matter of time.
What you can expect:
In 60 minutes, we introduce you to Flutter, show you how Flutter works, create a sample app that could be deployed to any device, and answer audience questions.
Who is our presenter?
Rap Payne is a software developer who has consulted with hundreds of organizations worldwide, and authored the highest-rated book on Flutter (