Improve workflow and deliver value faster with Kanban

The primary goal of any organization is to deliver value. But very often, there is so much more to do than we have time for. And even worse, sometimes we try to solve this problem by working more. Unfortunately, if too much work is pushed into a system, it will become overloaded and result in lower efficiency and poor quality. The key to managing this problem is to identify the system’s capacity and not to exceed it.

Traditional management techniques have emphasized Utilization as a key metric to measure team productivity. Agile and Lean management techniques, instead, focus on decreasing cycle time and increasing flow by reducing Work In Process (WIP) and building in Slack. In this presentation, we take a look at the correlations between these seemingly unrelated data points and how teams can leverage it to deliver value faster. We show how Kanban is a very effective tool to visualize your workflow, control WIP and increase reduce bottlenecks in your system.

ProTech welcomes Jolly Rajan as he demonstrates how to use Kanban and control variables like WIP and Cycle Time to improve flow and deliver value faster. Jolly brings with him over 15 years of strategic consulting experience in digital transformations and helping organizations achieve business agility.