How to Integrate Usability into Your Software Development Recording

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How to Integrate Usability into Your Software Development Recording

Before software development begins, the end user’s experience should be at the forefront of consideration. Introducing usability and user-centered design approaches are integral to the software development progress in order to create a product that is easy to use and delivers upon the user’s expectations.

This webinar will: 

  • present ideas to help you successfully introduce usability and user-centered design approaches to developing software
  • discuss how to develop a practical and cost-effective usability/UX strategy that considers organizational politics, and your user’s needs while delivering final product that will deliver results and success. 
  • suggest a how to plan to launch techniques such as usability testing and user walkthroughs for learning about your end-user, their goals, needs and expected tasks in order to determine how they might react to the technology your team creates. 
  • reviews processes to best integrate usability into your software development in order to improve the quality and relevance of your team’s work while considering the voice of the customer in your design. 

ProTech along with our usability/UX expert Kay Corry Aubrey presents on “How to Integrate usability into your software development”. Kay brings with her over 25 years of helping organizations make their technology products more easily understood by their targeted audiences. Kay’s expertise and training has assisted many clients including: The Broad Institute, The Mayo Clinic, Massachusetts Medical Society, Abt Associates, the Concord Consortium, US Air Force, American Express, Georgia Pacific, and a variety of state and federal government agencies. 

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