How to not get sued: eAccessibility for Section 508 and ADA

Did you know that 70% of all people are disabled in some form or another in their lifetime (either temporarily or permanently)? As a result of this statistic, lawmakers have implemented strict laws to protect those with disabilities. It is your legal and moral obligation to be aware of your Accessibility standards and to adhere to them. Failure to do so will run the risk of being sued. These lawsuits are currently happening in every industry across every corner of the globe.
Our webinar entitled, “How to not get sued: eAccessibility for Section 508 and ADA—Updated to include Revised Section 508 and WCAG” has been developed to demystify the principles, guidelines, and criteria associated with eAccessibility standards. Our Accessibility experts specialize in all aspects of online accessibility, and have even been sought out as trusted advisors by the governing bodies that have ultimately determined these guidelines and laws. In essence, they really know their stuff! If you don't know all the pertinent standards needing compliance or what you need to change, then this presentation is just what you need to watch! 
What can I expect to get out of this presentation:
After this 30-minute presentation, you should understand the laws and regulations that apply to your organization. You will be able to begin to create a viable strategy to develop efficient accessible workflows to mitigate litigation and provide an inclusive experience for all of your users.
Topics that will be covered:
Why should we care?
ADA and Section 508: What do you really need to know?
WCAG: What is it and how does it work?
The secret to an accessible workflow
How does this affect me and my job?
You will be also given the opportunity to ask questions in our Q&A
We welcome any feedback or questions that you may have on this topic!