How to Sharpen your Software Development Skills

When it comes to software development, you know that the more experience you have and the better your skills are, the more efficiently you'll be able to execute changes, fix bugs and write new functionality and usable programs. An experienced developer can't afford to trial and error his or her code and getting to that point takes time and education.. We've already discussed ways to become a better programmer, but it's time to look at some fundamental skills that can help you get there. Sometimes developing your skills is as simple as returning to the basics. That's why we've picked three technology areas that will help you hone your software development skills. Despite the advent of many new technologies, these are core areas needed at many organizations.

We've said it before and we'll say it again - Mainframe isn't dead.  This framework is still used in many Enterprise organizations, including the insurance and financial industries, big banks and government agencies. For those seeking a career developing in this framework or who want to work within a corporate environment, there are a few skills you'll want to consider mastering. A good place to start is:

Once you know the basics, we highly recommend that you continue with the following training courses:

If you are heading towards web development, Java is one of the most predominant programming languages. Java is also number one on the list of programming languages for job seekers in 2014, according to an article from A simple search on the popular job site yields more than 40,000 listings for "java developer" alone. Wondering which training courses to start with? Here are a few options:

iStock_000001744776_SmallBecause Unix is highly stable, it's widely used in many Enterprise organizations. If you're currently developing in Windows or want to understand more about Unix and Linux systems, these training courses are great for you.

We get it. It can be overwhelming to choose the path you want to pursue in the programming world.  In order to improve professionally, you always have to be learning. By pursuing one of these options you can establish new skills that will allow you to become a great asset to your organization.

We'll be exploring these paths in greater detail and giving you a better idea of what to expect within each one to help you choose the option that is best for you.

Published October 16, 2015