How to Strengthen your Communication Skills

Effective communication skills are essential for success. As our world operates on a more “virtual” level, proper communication has become increasingly more challenging but even more vital than ever before. How we communicate face to face is very different from over a conference call, email or zoom meeting. There are a variety of different preferred communication styles, which also plays a role and can add to the complexity of communicating effectively with others. Effective communication skills can be taught and are an important component to every role that relies on working with other people.


Join ProTech and our communication specialist, Brent Borgundvaag on Thursday December 10th at 1pm ET for this free webinar. Brent is an experienced Human Resource Development Specialist and Professional Coach with strong coaching and facilitation skills. For over 15 years, Brent has been working with people at all levels of an organization; from front line employees to senior executives and leaders. He specializes in the area of communication effectiveness, leadership effectiveness, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence related skills development, sales effectiveness, corporate vision, and personal and professional goal development. In this hour presentation, Brent will share ways IT professionals can strengthen their communication skills for today's fast-paced, demanding IT environment, and answer any questions the audience may have.

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