How to thrive while leading through change

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How to thrive while leading through change

COVID-19 is causing our world to change before our eyes. Life will march on past this challenging time, but a new normal will emerge. With fear and uncertainties running higher than ever before, organizations are in critical need of strong leaders to help navigate through this time of change. Herein lies the opportunity to do more than just lead to survive, but to lead to thrive . Thriving during change is different than merely just coping. To thrive during change, one requires a certain mindset - an approach to help others understand the change and how they can thrive during and after change. 
Join ProTech Training and our Human Resource Development Specialist and Professional Coach, Brent Borgundvaag for this free webinar as he explores some of the big concepts applicable to learning how to thrive while leading in a changing environment. Although this is targeted at leaders, non-leaders will also benefit from attending. We are all leaders in some form or another in life.
This free webinar is scheduled for Tuesday June 9th at 12 Noon ET. Register today!

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