HTML5 Microdata: Add Semantic Meaning to Sites

With just a few simple lines of code, easily memorable HTML5 Microdata allows you to mark up pages with semantic meaning without having to worry about complexities normally associated with RDF implementation. You can easily mark up an article with semantic meaning utilizing HTML5 Microdata to specify if it is an event, organization, product, person and more.

In this video, Michael Latulippe, Director of Business Development for Get Noticed, Inc will explain many facets of HTML5 Microdata including how it arose, why it arose, how to implement it easily in sites, and how to check your work utilizing the Google Rich Snippet Tool.

About this Event
This event was organized by Marakana and Kaazing, and presented by The San Francisco HTML5 User Group on March 31, 2011 at IGN Entertainment.

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Published April 8, 2011