HTML5 Multimedia with Bruce Lawson

In this video, Bruce Lawson author of Introducing HTML5 and an evangelist for Open Web Standards at Opera, is going to give you the lowdown on HTML5 Multimedia.

Bruce will cover embedding multimedia into your pages, and how to make it work cross-browser and degrade gracefully in older browsers.

He'll talk about the pros and the cons of HTML5 multimedia and see how to write controls with JavaScript and CSS. He'll also cover how HTML5 builds in support for subtitles and captions for multimedia accessibility. He'll build up a working example, and look at what's coming just around the corner in

About this Event
This event was organized by Marakana and Kaazing, and presented by The San Francisco HTML5 User Group on June 30, 2011 at IGN in San Francisco.

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Published July 6, 2011