Interview Sessions from AnDevCon: Bear Douglas

Twitter’s Fabric is a set of modular SDK’s, a new mobile platform that makes it really easy to add crash reporting, beta distribution, analytics, and Twitter integration into your app. It’s a relatively new addition to the Android space, introduced in October, but something that a lot of devs are talking about.

Bear Douglas is a Developer Advocate at Twitter. In this interview with ProTech's Doug Bateman, she gives us an insiders perspective into Twitter, Fabric, and the benefits it can bring to Android developers.

This is the first in a series of interviews we conducted at AnDevCon. We'll be releasing more in the coming weeks.

Question Index

  • (00:14) So tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do, and what you're passionate about?
  • (01:00) What is Twitter Fabric, what value does it add, what will customers get out of it?
  • (02:28) If I'm a developer, and want to add Crashlytics, how can I do it?
  • (02:59) What kind of data am I going to get if I add Crashlytics inside my app?
  • (03:52) Does this add any invasive permissions?
  • (04:08) What are the other pieces of the Twitter Fabric platform?
  • (05:08) What kind of value does Digits bring?
  • (05:33) How does Twitter Fabric help me when I start going global?
  • (06:31) If Fabric is free, where does Twitter make its money?
  • (07:26) Where do you see the Android platform going and what are the good growth opportunities out there?
  • (08:29) For those looking for opportunities in the Android space, is Twitter hiring?
  • (09:11) How might someone get into being a developer advocate?

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Published December 17, 2014