Interview Sessions from AnDevCon: Dave Smith

“If you are waiting to jump on the bandwagon to start using Lollipop, or to start developing for Lollipop specific stuff, don’t wait. Get in there now. This is one of the biggest releases we’ve seen in a long time.”

When it comes to Android, Dave Smith knows his stuff. He's worked in all levels of the Android platform, developing for about 5 years now at various consulting angencies and independently, and has been most fascinated as of late with running Android in the embedded environment. Above are just some of the insights Dave provides in this quick, insightful, look at the state of things, as the world rapidly changes and as we embrace the likes of Android Lollipop and Android Studio.

Dave Smith has been an Instructor at ProTech for some time now, and recently, ProTech has had the pleasure to bring him on as our Android Practice Lead. In Novemeber, Doug Bateman spoke with him during Interview Coverage at AnDevCon, and we all learned a thing or two.

Question Index

  • (00:18) Dave, why don’t you introduce yourself to our audience here and tell us what you’re passionate about?
  • (01:02) What are you here doing at the conference?
  • (01:28) Do you have many people building Custom ROMs, now, doing the "Cyanogenmodding," and routing their phone?
  • (02:08) Where do you see things trending right now?
  • (03:29) So, you’re talking about running Android Apps on a toaster or a microwave, do you think that will actually happen?
  • (03:48) This year there has been a bunch of announcements in Android, what do you think is the most exciting trend to come out this year?
  • (05:26) Does Android Lollipop totally replace Dalvik?
  • (07:25) When do you think will be the right time for teams to start transitioning over to Android Studio?
  • (09:15) For companies that have an existing codebase, what is involved for them to switch to Android Studio? What are the ‘gotchas’ they have to look out for?
  • (11:16) What is the number one mistake that you see companies and teams making when it comes to Android?
  • (13:24) What about for people looking to manage the relationship between their Business Logic and their Activities?
  • (15:46) Do you have any parting thoughts for our audience on the current state of Android?

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Published January 7, 2015