Interview Sessions from AnDevCon: Juan Gomez

Juan Gomez is a Senior Mobile Engineer at Eventbrite and loves Android. We’ve had the pleasure to film Juan a few times in the past, he’s always been the nicest guy, and he really seems to enjoy sharing Android concepts with other devs, learning, and uncovering better practices and strategies for writing applications.

He spoke at AnDevCon this year, and on our panel on Scaling Android Development, but we caught up with him in between sessions to chat. Juan discusses App Indexing, libraries, new features in Android, the most exciting things to come out of Android this year, and where he’d like to see Android go in the future.

Question Index

  • (00:17) So tell us a little bit about yourself, what are you passionate about?
  • (00:50) What are you speaking about at the conference?
  • (01:09) What is App Indexing?
  • (02:11) How is App Indexing impemented inside of Android from a developer perspective?
  • (04:32) Does this kind of linking work between applications?
  • (05:49) Where do you see content providers fitting in with this type of architecture?
  • (07:33) When you describe this deep linking, are you doing this with just the normal http scheme, or are you actually defining your own scheme and protocol in terms of the url patterns?
  • (09:06) What’s the most exciting thing to come out of Android this year?
  • (11:04) Have you started bringing material design into your applications for Eventbrite?
  • (11:22) What libraries are you using at Eventbrite?
  • (14:41) When should people be looking at using Otto or EventBus? What problem are we using them to solve?
  • (16:18) Where would you like to see Android go in the next few years? What would make your life, as a developer or engineer, easier?
  • (16:52) Does Android support Java 8?

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Published December 23, 2014