Interview Sessions from AnDevCon: Larry Schiefer

Larry Schiefer sat down with Doug Bateman to talk the latest in Android security, innovations in the language, Android Studio, Gradle, and the process he took to be vetted as a Google Developer Expert. In addition to serving as CTO at HiQES, an app development shop, Larry teaches trainings here at ProTech and his knowledge dips down into all corners of the stack.

This is another segment in our series of interviews from 2014's AnDevCon Conference in San Francisco. Larry spoke on our panel discussing Scaling Android Developement, but we were also able to catch him between sessions for this conversaion.

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Question Index

  • (00:14) Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re passionate about?
  • (00:53) What’s your take on the state of security in Android?
  • (01:36) So, if I’m a security conscious end-user, what options do I have?
  • (02:39) What are some of the innovations that you see that might change the Android landscape?
  • (03:58) Is Android Studio ready for prime time?
  • (04:43) How do you like the new Gradle-based build system?
  • (05:18) What about testing? It seems like there’s not necessarily one good way to do testing, but where is a good place to start?
  • (06:53) When you mention the “JUnit [framework]” are you referring to just JUnit testing the business logic? Or, are you referring to really using the instrumentation and actually running on the device?
  • (07:23) What is the Google Developer Expert program? What does it mean to be a GDE?
  • (08:06) What are the responsibilities of a GDE? What is the vetting process like?
  • (09:28) What is the number one misstep you see Android developers making? What could they do to avoid it?
  • (10:17) Who do you see innovating in the world of threading?

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Published January 6, 2015