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IT’s 4 Potential Roles in Digital Transformation
IT’s role and/or participation in Digital Transformation (DX) is neither guaranteed nor cast in stone once initially defined.  It can be dramatically enhanced or degraded based on changes on senior company leadership, newly popularized technologies, change in IT leadership, a disruptive innovation by a competitor and other related reasons.  There are, however, two key factors that, in the long-term, will help determine IT’s role in DX.  These factors are IT’s organizational clout within the organization, and IT’s willingness and ability to innovate.  
This clout and ability to innovate are driven by a combination of leadership ability, flawless technical execution and other related factors.  This talk explains these four roles and how this knowledge can be used to your company’s, IT’s and your personal professional advantage.
This presentation will help you:
Gain insights into how IT’s organizational clout and ability to innovate dramatically affects its role within the organization 
Understand how to simultaneously maximize IT’s business value and enhance your professional stature and reputation
Learn how to enhance IT’s role within the organization through leadership, innovation, business, and interpersonal communication skills

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