James Gosling on Apple, Google and the Future of Java

You might have heard much of the controversy surrounding James Gosling, the future of the language he created, and his decision to leave Oracle. But have you heard it from the father of Java himself?

In this video from an event presented by the Silicon Valley Web Java User Group, and the Silicon Valley JavaFX User Group on November 17, 2010, James Gosling answers some of the burning questions surrounding Java.

A few of the things Gosling covers are:

  • His departure from Oracle
  • Oracle's stewardship of Java
  • Android's use of Java, and what he would've done
  • Apple's "deprecation" of Java
  • IBM and Oracle relationship
  • Apache Software Foundation's recent worries
  • What he's been up to lately
  • His other favorite programming languages and technologies
  • The future of Java

So, if you're interested in hearing what's going on with Java from James Gosling himself, check out this video.

...and if you still haven't had your fill of Java, head on over to TechTV to see more great educational videos on Java and open source.

Here are a few pics from the event snapped by Sasa:

Published November 30, 2010