Java 8 Lambda Expressions & Streams

The recent release of Java 8 brings along several new features to the language. To help us get up to speed, ProTech Instructor Adib Saikali walks us through two of the most exciting additions: lambdas and steams.

While there is plenty to cover within these two topics, Adib's in-depth introduction is designed to give you the foundation you'll need to master these topics in the future, “If you just pay attention tonight, you'll walk out of here with a complete understanding of everything you need to know to go and look at more of the advanced use cases that you can apply lambdas, streams, and Java 8 towards.”

Want to learn more about Java 8?

We'll be offering training with Adib in the near future, but in the meantime browse our stream of free Java resources or our list of Java Training Courses.

Published April 16, 2014