JavaFX & Scala in the Cloud

What do you get when you combine JavaFX and Scala together on top of a Cloud architecture? The most highly scalable platform for Java client development possible, leveraging the UI richness of JavaFX, elegance of Scala, and infinite scalability of a multi-cloud platform.

In this talk from the the 2012 JAX Conference, Stephen Chin of Oracle and Andrew Phillips from JClouds will demonstrate a cloud application built on the JClouds platform that makes use of a JavaFX front-end written in the Scala language. This is an ideal platform for cost-efficient cloud use; since JavaFX technology lets your client's processor and GPU do the heavy-lifting while you maintain a lightweight set of REST APIs in the cloud.

Chin and Phillips will go into background on multi-cloud deployment, writing effective REST services, and building rich user interfaces. Since these all share a common foundation on the Java platform, you will learn how to easily write end-to-end applications leveraging your existing development knowledge and platform. Also, all the technologies showcased are 100% open-source, so you can start using these at your job today.

Published September 26, 2012