Just Enough Research

While research can sound like a scary word, "it may sound like money you don't have, time you can't spare, and expertise you have to seek," Erika Hall explains just how important it can be. She also outlines that, with the right mindset and a few key concepts, effective research is not as complicated or inaccessible as you might imagine, and "you can do useful research no matter how few resources you have."

According to Erika, putting in the necessary time to conduct research can help your team work more productively, generate better ideas faster, and reduce the risks (and consequences) of a wrong guess.

Erika Hall is the co-founder of Mule Design Studio and author of Just Enough Research (a book which informed the content in this talk). She comes to Cascade SF, for a special Halloween inspired evening, to explain why doing research really matters. She has some really good evidence to back it up too.

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Published October 31, 2014