Keys to Building the Best Cybersecurity Team

Cybersecurity is a team sport, and the best teams have strong players in every position. But developing the players is challenging, with new threats, technologies, and techniques always on the horizon.

Our cybersecurity training partner has trained 20,000 of the most elite cybersecurity workers in the country, from both commercial and government, and knows what it takes to build a world-class cyber team. Drawing on the latest research and real-world examples, these leading cyber workforce development experts offer a State of the Workforce perspective, outlining the strategies the best teams are using to assess and develop their skills, the skills that are trending up and down, and the hottest cyber job areas for 2021.

This 1-hour session is designed for leaders of IT, cyber, and SecOps teams, as well as individuals looking to build their careers in a security-focused field.

Attendees will learn:

  • The 2021 forecast for in-demand cyber roles, skills, and challenge areas
  • How the world’s top cyber teams train their people (even in a 100% remote world)
  • How to create a culture built around problem-solving and critical thinking
  • How to conduct a baseline assessment of your cyber team and build a plan for growth

Attendees will also receive an offer to enroll their teams in a cyber screening, for free, to jump start their own cyber workforce development programs.

Join us for this free 1 hour webinar on Wednesday March 24th at 1pm ET. Register Today!