Energy consumption and battery life on Android devices

San Francisco Android User Group hosted an event on March 30th, 2010 with Frank Maker, Eric Jung, and Yichuan Wang, a trio of very smart PhD students, who shared what they've learned about power consumption / battery life on mobile/Android devices in their years of research.

Specifically, they talked about:

  • Mobile Architecture - differences with desktop/laptop computers, where power goes, etc.
  • Measuring Power/Energy - difference between energy and power, battery technology, why the problem isn't going away anytime soon
  • Software Optimizations - different ideas you can use to lower the power consumption of your application


Here is the video (1:12:18) from the event:

Here are the slides:

Finally, you can also check out some photos that I snapped at this event.

This event was sponsored by SUPINFO, Sun, O'Reilly, and Marakana.
Organized by Marakana.
Video by Max Walker.
Photography by Aleksandar Gargenta.


Published May 5, 2010