Learn About Semantic Web and Its Benefits

In this two part presentation brought to you by The San Francisco Java User Group back in July 13, 2010 - Alex Genadinik and Shamod Lacoul share some of the benefits of semantic web.

In the first presentation, Alex Genadinik, founder of SemanticValley starts us off with the principles and technologies behind semantic web, and what the semantic web has to offer. He also talks a bit about the Jena framework.

In the second of two presentations, Shamod Lacoul, Bay Are software entrepreneur, developer and consultant delivers the latest on semantic web. He also talks about where semantic web is being used today.[break]video and slides after the break[/break]

Here is the video for Alex's (part 1 of 2) presentation:

Here is the video for Shamod's (part 2 of 2) presentation:

Here are the slides for Alex's semantic web overview:

Alex's presentation on the Jena framework:

Shamod's presentation on the latest in semantic web:
Published October 22, 2010