Living Design Systems

Jina Bolton begins her talk for Cascade SF with a quote. It’s a quote by Paul Saffo, something she likes to think about, something that she feels relates to all the work that she does:

It used to be that designers made an object and walked away. Today the emphasis must shift to designing the entire life cycle.

With product design, there comes a whole new range of challenges that differ from those of web and graphic design. There is, first, providing support to multiple platforms and devices, then also the maintenance of quality, craft, and consistency across these devices. And, of course, designing for scale and maintainability is also important.

Jina works on an exciting team at Salesforce, within their UX department, and in this talk, she demonstrates how her team has created a "living design system," something that can change, allows for collaboration, while at the same time keeping brand uniformity and addressing other contemporary design challenges.


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Published February 25, 2015