Masterful Leadership Webinar

As the roles within IT departments continue to evolve, IT professionals are being presented with more and more exciting and important leadership opportunities. For many IT positions, the path to leadership begins with a promotion following a demonstration of one’s technical expertise. However this expertise alone is not enough to set up an IT professional for long-term success as a leader.

Being able to lead with confidence requires: 

a sound understanding of situational leadership
knowledge of the team’s needs & ways to lead developing groups
having the ability to successfully manage complicated relationships using motivation and influence
the ability to work effectively in complicated matrix reporting structures using fast-paced development methodologies that require teams to be highly aligned and highly functioning at all times
For a new leader, this can feel daunting.
Join ProTech and our session facilitator Brent Borgundvaag on Tuesday October 8th at 12 noon for a free 30 minute webinar as he presents how learning to be a confident leader need not be daunting, and how the skills to be a strong team leader can be taught. Brent is an experienced Human Resource Development Specialist and Professional Coach with strong coaching and facilitation skills. For over 15 years, Brent has been working with people at all levels of an organization; from front line employees to senior executives and leaders. He specializes in the area of leadership effectiveness, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence related skills development, communication effectiveness, sales effectiveness, corporate vision, and personal and professional goal development.
At ProTech, we offer a wide selection of soft skill courses that support all aspects of a well-rounded IT professional. Our Masterful Leadership & Motivation for IT Professionals  course is taught with the unique needs of IT Professionals in mind by a former IT professional. It gives you all the basic tools and tips you need in order to be a confident leader. If you are a newly minted leader, or an existing one looking to build upon your leadership skills, talk to us about our leadership development options. Your career in IT leadership awaits!