Modern Java: 5 Ways to Modernize Your Java Apps Recording

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Modern Java: 5 Ways to Modernize Your Java Apps

Over twenty years after its inception, Java continues to be one of the most utilized programming languages in the world. But the software industry has changed dramatically during this time and so has Java. It has evolved from its simple object-oriented and imperative roots to one that embraces reactive, asynchronous, parallel, modular, and functional programming paradigms. The outcome is Modern Java: a new way to program for the modern era. This great change has made Java unrecognizable to development teams still working on old versions.

As the world moved towards stateless and multi-core processing, Java has added lambdas and the streams library to empower developers with algorithms adapted for today’s processors. With microservices and containerized architectural and deployment styles, Java has introduced JPMS for native modularity and a fully container-aware JVM. And, Java continues to make language improvements with Projects Valhalla, Coin and Amber for now and the future. 

During this presentation, you will uncover the five ways you can modernize your existing Java applications to leverage the very best that core Java has to offer with practical examples on how to best achieve this. It provides a great opportunity for developments teams to learn more about the new features before upgrading to Java 10.

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