Must-Have Qualities in IT Training Instructors


Learning a new programming skill can sometimes feel a lot like running a mental marathon. Experienced instructors who are enthusiastic and engaging make this process a bit less painful. When looking for instructors for your training program, keep in mind that knowledge of the topic or skill is not the only thing that a trainer needs. 

So what makes a great IT training instructor?
Below are some qualities that distinguish the best in the business:

An IT professional can have all of the best training in the world, but it's the real life experience outside of the classroom that sets a good instructor apart from a great one. This live hands on experience helps the instructor  understand the challenges the students are facing. Students are more likely to become engaged in the lesson if the instructor can provide examples of real-world application. Seasoned developers use their experiences in the field during training as teaching moments for those who have not yet encountered these hurdles. 

IT instructors should have a strong understanding of the business needs of clients and how those needs are connected to the skills they are teaching. It's easy for programmers to get caught up in the world of code and forget about the actual client that they are helping. Instructors with an eye for meeting business challenges can use that insight to help developers become more efficient and effective in recognizing business needs and developing appropriate solutions. 

IT instructors must be enthusiastic about the industry and share their energy with those they train. If they're not passionate about what they're doing, it will show when they teach. Apathy and disinterest is contagious.

Enthusiasm goes beyond just loving what they do. The best IT instructors are always looking for what's new and what's next. Part of why they teach is because they want to see the industry grow and enjoy helping others learn to love what they love.

The best IT instructors are passionate and curious and this shows in the way that they interact with students. An effective trainer is engaging and inviting in a way that motivates students to be active in their own learning process. An engaging instructor encourages students to ask questions, learn from one another and foster a desire for continuous improvement.

Great instructors can recognize and respond to the energy levels of their students and work to ensure that the class understands why even the most meticulous of tasks are necessary. 

The effectiveness of any training program depends on the quality of its instructors. Though many can be successful in the field, not everyone is cut out for training new developers. Teaching others requires more than just a mastery of the topic. A quality instructor has a passion and energy that makes those learning the material want to know more.


Published February 14, 2015