Open Source Product Management with npm

Npm is many different things, "first and foremost it is a project to support the installation of packages," says Forrest L. Norvell at the first-ever gathering for SFNode.

What else is npm? Well, it provides a lot more than just a default package manager for Node.js. As Forrest points out, it is a company, a team, a philosophy, a product family, and an ethos, "The ethos is very simply stated as 'nice people matter.' We want to be working on fun things together, and pushing things forward together, and remember that we are all in this together."

Forrest works for npm. In this talk, he gives a behind-the-scenes look into the organization, how they operate, the ways they approach supporting Node and the developer community at large, as well as their goals and roadmap. This is a special talk that provides some valuable, and unique, insight from someone at the center of this exciting open source tool.


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Published November 20, 2014