Oracle Multitenant Architecture - What it means for Everyone

Oracle Multitenant Architecture - What it means for Everyone

Oracle began offering it's Multitenant Architecture with version 12c. For versions 12c-19c it is an optional feature. 

Beginning with version 21c it is no longer optional although there are some options when it comes to licensing.


Maybe you're already there. Maybe you're not. How much time do you have? In this free webinar, Oracle Certified 

Professional DBA and Certified Technical Trainer John Mullins from ProTech Training presents a look at the Oracle 

Multitenant Architecture and what it means for developers, end users and DBAs. Whether you're there or not,

what planning did you do or what planning should you be doing now, it's very important.


What are the changes, if anything, for you? What are the benefits, if any, for you? What to look out for, if anything, for you? 

Will you even notice that something has changed? If you're already there, is there something else you should be doing?


This webinar targets all job roles and gets the DBAs, developers and end users all on the same page while leaving

them with a good understanding of what the Oracle Multitenant Architecture is along with what it means to them and

their organization.