Proximity Beacon API with Nearby Messages

I recently gave a talk on Google's Proximity Beacon API and Nearby Messages at GDG Denver. The abstract, recording and slides from my talk are below:

Eddystone, iBeacon, and AltBeacon all provide you with a method of adding context to your applications by allowing users to interact with a physical item sitting in front of them. Beacons, however, have some technical limitations when you go to deploy them in your application environment. Small data transfer payloads and a finite life cycle of the hardware add complexity to your system design that you probably didn't originally anticipate.


Google attempts to solve these problems associated with beacon deployments using their Proximity Beacon API. We will see how you can use this API to manage a beacon fleet, and extend their usefulness by attaching extra data for your client applications to provide context. On the client side, we will see how the Nearby Messages API in Google Play Services allows us to take these changes cross-platform to devices.



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Published November 4, 2015