React and Modern Web Development



What is React?

React is a component-based library used to develop interactive web User Interfaces. Everything in React is a component. These components integrated together then make up one big dynamic application.

What are the benefits of using React?

The greatest benefit of React is in the level of control allowed when working with components. At any point in time, component change will not affect the rest of the applications. This will be most beneficial when implementing larger (real-time) applications where data changes frequently. React is most efficient at this time as it will automatically update only the specific components that have changed, rather than unnecessarily reloading the entire application.  

 Some other advantages of using React include:

- React may be used with any framework (Backbone.js, Angular.js).

-It’s easy to know how a component is rendered by looking at the render function.

-The layout, or how components are plugged/combined with each other are easy to see.

-React ensures readability and makes maintainability much easier.

- React's unidirectional dataflow simplifies testing 

Who is this presentation geared towards?

This 30-minute presentation is for anyone with some programming experience, in any language, who wants to learn more about what React is and why they might use it!

What can I expect to get out of this presentation?

Your React specialist is Chris Minnick. Chris is a prolific published technical author and a pioneer of the early Internet. He has been teaching for 18 years and has taught React for 4 years. In this presentation, you'll learn what React is and how it fits into the big picture of modern web development. Through coding demos, you'll learn about the key concepts of React, including: The Virtual DOM, one-way data flow, and how to write, test, and compose React components.