Responsive Design + FROONT

Sandijs Ruluks believes that there is something missing from the way we currently design websites. He hates the feeling that he is crippled, that he has to do things in Photoshop, because he can't do them by code. In print design, there is a concept of “dummies” or “mock-ups.” These are prototypes built to see how a product functions in real life, but many designers for the web don't have the toolset to implement their concept directly into the browser.

It was Bruce Mau who said in his Incomplete Manifesto of Growth, if you're not satisfied with what's available, “make your own tools.” So, that's what Sandijs did. He founded FROONT, a tool that allows someone to design websites directly in the browser, with an interface that alludes to familiar tools like Photoshop and InDesign. Plus, it's responsive. Find out more about FROONT in this talk presented for Responsive Web Design SF.

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Published February 1, 2014