Scala and Machine Learning with Andrew McCallum

In this video from the Northeast Scala Symposium, Andrew McCallum, Professor of Computer Science at University of Massachusetts Amherst, is going discuss trends in machine learning using Scala. Below is Andrew's description of his talk.

Martin Odersky didn't initially expect Scala to find a following in the field of machine learning because of machine learning's large appetite for memory and numeric computation. But the field is expanding in new ways, with interest in parallel and distributed computation, dynamically changing model structures, and the desire to put easy-to-use DSLs into the hands of non-experts. This talk will describe these trends and discuss several machine learning projects that use Scala, including FACTORIE, a 30k-line DSL for graphical models whose development is being sponsored by Google and the NSF.
Here are Andrew's Slides:

The Northeast Scala Symposium is a yearly gathering of the Scala community, made possible by efforts of Boston, Philadelphia and New York Scala enthusiasts.

Published March 23, 2012