Selfish UIs: Fast UIs for Terminal Users

Josh Suereth’s talk for NE Scala is about “Selfish UIs,” a concept that begins with making software for yourself, in order to improve your ability to make software for other people.

All the time, we are developing software to try to make somebody else’s lives easier. [But], how often to you focus on your daily life, and try to make your own life a little bit easier, so that you can develop software faster.

The idea is that by making better tools for yourself, and for your own workflow, such as little command line tools for the tasks you do repeatedly, you’ll improve your ability to deliver code.

As stated in his abstract, Josh "gives a short tutorial for how to do the minimum amount of work creating and deploying a command line tool, including how to share and create a rich interface. We'll cover the basics of: Conscript vs. sbt-native-packager, the sbt autocompletion library and general ANSI fun in Java."

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Published April 2, 2015