Solving Performance for 2D & 3D Web Apps: Finally!

HTML5 is no stranger to the hype cycle. Now that our community of developers has been through the peak of inflated expectations, we need to get through the trough of disillusionment with some real, substantive proof that these bundle of technologies can seriously deliver.

Steve Newcomb, Founder and CEO of, will show us just what's possible by sharing the fruits of more than two years of dedicated research that his team conducted. Infinite scroll view in full three dimensions, with zero performance degradation? Check. Changing view and control fluidly and dynamically? Check.

In this awesome presentation at HTML5DevConf in San Francisco, Steve will show us a stress-test demo, delve into the hows and the whys, and share how his team has made engineering for performance easier than ever.

All the links to resources from Steve's talk start on slide 65 below:

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Published November 6, 2012