Steps to Building a Secure Network Recording

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Steps to Building a Secure Network Recording

Why is security important and what are the first steps you can do to secure you company? The first step in securing your network is to ask yourself some important questions. Do you know what's in your server room? Do you have a diagram of how everything connects? If you don't know what's on your network today, how will you know what has changed if you get hacked? If you don't know the configurations of your machines and which machines are working, how will you know what's changed? You won't. Today, if you don't know precisely what hardware and apps your business utilizes, which versions of those apps are running, and how and why the network is configured the way it is, your business could be in big trouble. In the event of a disaster, you will need to rebuild. No baseline means no blueprint to reconstruct what you had.

In this presentation we share the best process in building a security program for your organization and identify the required skills and review some options for training staff.

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