Super Simple Application Security with Apache Shiro

Hi guys,

If you made it to the San Francisco Java User Group meetup on October 12, 2010, you heard Les Hazlewood talk about how easy application security can be with the Apache Shiro framework.

Some topics Les covered include:
  • Why Shiro is a great alternative to JAAS or Spring Security
  • The core architectural concepts of the framework
  • How to enable all four cornerstones for any application (standalone, mobile phone, web based, etc)
  • An overview of Shiro's innovative web support module and security filtering capabilities
  • A short Shiro-based application demo

If you didn't make it to the meetup, check out the video and slides from the presentation below. Also, check out a few pics and get a bit more info on the event here.

Here's the video:

...and here are the slides:
Published October 22, 2010