Transforming data that can be used to solve problems


Are you interested in cutting down on the time involved in analyzing and displaying your data?  Does the idea of being able to work faster and smarter excite you? If yes, then the Tableau™ Desktop tool may just be the secret weapon that you need!

ProTech's instructor, Steve Gauthier has over 30 years of experience working with Business Intelligence.   He will highlight ways the Tableau™ tool can help you and your team best read and interpret your data, while saving you valuable time. Tableau™ has an intuitive user interface, and does not require coding knowledge. ProTech has been providing consulting and training for this product for the past several years.

This hour long presentation is designed for an audience that is new or inexperienced with the Tableau™ desktop tool.  Steve touches upon how to build visualizations and dashboards, and create a ”story” using the Tableau™ desktop. He also presents how you can build calculations into your visualizations. 

For those wishing to delve deeper into the possibilities of Tableau™, we offer a Tableau Desktop Boot Camp and a number of other related courses.