Talk to Your Toaster: Bluetooth & USB for Android

Learn how to expand the reach of your Android devices. The Android framework provides options for connecting external accessory devices to applications, via technologies like Bluetooth and USB, which can enhance experience, provide value, and simply be a lot of fun. How can you use APIs to extend the reach of Android beyond the confines of the mobile device?

Dave Smith, Instructor at ProTech and Developer at DoubleEncore, shows us how it's done. His discussion includes Bluetooth RFCOMM, Bluetooth Low Energy (GATT), Bluetooth Beacons, USB Open Accessory, and USB Host, namely, how they work and the different types of accessories they can bring to life. The talk also has a ton of demos and is an hour and a half long. This is truly a deep dive.


Additional Resources from ProTech:


Published June 27, 2014