Testing Strategies for Continuous Delivery

The strategies that companies use to deliver software, like the software itself, is constantly evolving. As companies strive to deliver software faster, “classic” software testing needs to be modernized, cycles and methods updated. There have been been many innovations over the last few years, including improvements to the ways we productively test, then deliver, software.

Melvin Laguren, Staff Engineer at Macys.com, goes into these testing strategies in further detail. Concepts include:

  • Advantages/Disadvantages to code coverage
  • Determining the right test at the right time
  • Incorporate performance into the pipeline
  • Presenting test results to stakeholders 

This is the inaugural Test Fanatic Meetup, here in San Francisco, the merger of two other meetup groups from last year. Their next event is in April, where they will be discussing Ghost Inspector, stay tuned as they sort out the exact date.

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Published March 5, 2015