The Benefits of using SQL Common Table Expressions

The Benefits of using SQL Common Table Expressions

Common Table Expressions are a SQL coding technique supported by Oracle, Db2, SQL Server and others. 

Common Table Expressions are also referred to as CTEs, the WITH clause or Subquery Query Factoring clauses.

Think subquery, SQL within a SQL statement when thinking of CTEs. A CTE can be a useful SQL coding 

technique for code containing subqueries to make your code more readable and possibly to make your code 

more efficient, two great benefits.


In this free webinar, Oracle Certified Professional DBA and Certified Technical Trainer John Mullins from 

ProTech Training presents a look at how to code CTEs to achieve their possible benefits. Some topics discussed

and demonstrated in the webinar include examples of single and multiple subquery CTEs, subqueries referring to 

other subqueries defined within the same WITH clause and when are performance gains realized when using CTEs. 

This webinar targets all job roles at all experience levels and also SQL running from multiple database vendors.


Don’t miss this great opportunity! If you can’t attend the live event, register anyway and we will send you 

the webinar recording and slide deck following the presentation. In addition to this webinar, the topic of CTEs

along with hands-on workshops are covered in great detail in various ProTech Training classes.