The Present & Future of Web Development

The tools we use are a powerful factor into the types of applications we can build for the web. Over the years, the browser has evolved by adopting and adapting proven engineering design patterns from established native platforms, but as the potential grows so too does the complexity to create such content.

Benoit Marchant, CEO at Montage Studio, talks about the current state of web development and considers where we are going in the future in this talk from Open Web Camp VI. While a range of useful tools like programmable text editors, command-line utilities, and processors exist, these same tools are designed to support a fundamentally text-based approach to development. Benoit argues that in order to reach the full potential of the web, we need a new approach to front-end development, one that creates a new generation of tools built upon a more modern understanding of the web.

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Published July 30, 2014